Signature Mobile Toilet Range

Our Signature range is light, spacious and modern. With neutral colours and a minimalist design; this unit is sure to bring a touch of class to your event.

Take a look around our Signature Range with our immersive 3D video link…

3D Female Toilet Unit View

3D Male Toilet Unit View

Signature 2+1

The 2+1 is our most popular sized unit; especially for weddings. The ladies combines 2 ladies wc and 2 sinks with ample vanity space; whilst the men have 1 wc and 2 urinals with 2 hand basins.

Length: 15′ (4.57m)Width: 7’8″ (2.33m)Height: 10’2″ (3.10m)

Signature 3+1

Recommended for the larger event. Specification for ladies includes three toilets and two hand basins in a spacious vanity area. For the gentleman there is one toilet, three urinals and two hand basins.

Length: 18′ (5.48m)
Width: 7’8″ (2.33m)
Height: 10’2″ (3.10m)


The Trio is ideal for events where access may be an issue and where a preference is placed on the number of WCs rather than a vanity area. Three unisex toilets each with a small sink in the cubicle.

Length: 9′ (2.74m)
Width: 6’6″ (1.98m)
Height: 10’2″ (3m)

Unisex: 3wc, 1 handbasin per cubicle