Contemporary Mobile Toilet Range

With it’s modern interior it is sure to impress even the most discerning customers.

Some of the many features include access to both sides, black marble effect vanity surfaces, and fantastic lighting combined with oak and stainless steel effects.

Take a walk around a Contemporary unit with our immersive 3D Video……


Recommended for the larger event. Specification for ladies includes three toilets and two hand basins in a spacious vanity area. For the gentleman there is one toilet, three urinals and two hand basins.

Length: 18′ (5.48m)
Width: 7’8″ (2.33m)
Height: 10’2″ (3.10m)


Our most popular unit, though smaller than the Windsor, it combines two ladies toilets and two hand basins whilst retaining ample vanity space. The gentlemen have one toilet, two urinals and two hand basins.

Length: 14′ (4.26m)
Width: 7’8″ (2.33m)
Height: 10’2″ (3.10m)


Recommended for use where access is restricted or minimal facilities are required. The ladies and gentlemen provide identical facilities: one toilet and one hand basin with a vanity area.

Length: 9′ (2.74m)
Width: 6’6″ (1.98m)
Height: 10’2″ (3.10m)